Monday, June 22, 2009

"Tinhisanja’ is based upon relationship of parents."-

In the era of 21st century, youth is loosing traditional values day by day. It can be commonly seen that new generation is busy in thinking about themselves and forgetting parents. In the world of globalization youth is attracted toward materialistic life and neglecting their parents. With the changing lifestyle misunderstandings and many problems can be easily seen in between many newly married couples. Sudhir Dalimbkar films – Tinhisanja covers all the issues quiet effectively.

The movie is based upon relations of highly educated son and his parents. Sandeep is the only son of his parents. They provide him quality education even by sacrificing their whole life. But whole their happy life changes after Sandeep’s marriage. Sandeep sends his parents to old age home. Sandeep’s parents had expected his son to take care of them during their second inning but they witnessed the completely different scenario helplessness of old, alone parents is the backbone of movie – ‘Tinhisanja’

The movie has got huge star cast including Sandeep kulkarni, Arun Nalawde Ramesh Dev, Ashalata Wabgavkar, Vittthal Umap ad many more. The film has been appreciated a lot in various film festivals and already bagged award for best dialogs in Zee Gaurav award. It has also got 4 nominations in Sanskruti Kaladarpan aard ceremony.

Songs of Tinhisanja has been written by renowned lyricist Sudhir Moghe and music is delivered by Ashok Patki. Songs are sung by Suresh Wadka,Devki Pandit and Charudatta Aphle. The film has got amazing technical background. Cinematography is performed by eminent art director – Debu Deodhar. Tinhisanja is directed by Pundalik Dhumal has already won many awards for his earlier movi- Dharma Ramoshi.

In this fast world, where everybody is moving fast, nobody knows the destination, neither have time to share few moments of life, Tinhisanja would definitely going to provoke us to redefine our concepts of happiness, relations, satisfactions and many other values. 
You can catch this movie from 19th June at Pune and Mumbai.