Thursday, June 4, 2009


'Tinhisaanja' is a story that rekindles compassion in our hearts towards our aging parents.The protagonist, Sandeep Dhumal, is a software engineer, the only son of his aged parents who dote on him and in spite of poverty have given him the best of upbringing and education. Eventually they also sell off their village house to be able to buy an apartment in Pune for him. It is a small family, brimming with love until one day the son gets married and enters a young ambitious female, Sujata, in the house who works in an ad agency. She mistakes her mother in law’s contribution in home making for interference and there begins a tussle between the two. Matters worsen when Sandeep gets a promotion and is transferred to Mumbai. He has to give up to his wife’s insistence that his parents be kept in an Old age Home. The old couple is shattered. Life is equally difficult for the young ambitious couple who later give birth to a baby in Mumbai. Two eye opening instances lead the couple to come to terms with reality and realize that emotional and social ties need not be sacrificed while making a living. Sandeep is filled with terrible guilt coupled with a longing for his parents. He decides to bring them back to his new home in Mumbai. Will the young couple now change their attitude towards the seniors? Will the senior couple now adapt to the new situation in the new household and mold their behavior accordingly?